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What does it mean for a woman* to migrate?

Space2groW gave a workshop in the protest camp against the planned construction of a deportation center at Berlin Airport, organized by Stop Deportation Camp

Women* take part in the Space2groW workshop at the protest camp organized by Stop Deportation Camp.

Photo: Verónica Troncoso.

What does it mean for a woman* to migrate? What does it mean for women* to be deported? What can we do? Migrant women* from Iran and Afghanistan asked these questions in one of the two workshops that Space2groW organized in protest against the planned construction of a deportation camp at Berlin Airport.

View of people camping out in protest as a plane flies by. Photo: Verónica Troncoso.

"In Afghanistan, the rape of 9-year-old girls is normal," "we have no one to turn to, the police protect the rapist," said one of the women*."I couldn't even choose my clothes, the men in my family did that. Ever since I came to Germany, I've decided to fight for women's rights*."

The following stories from Afghanistan and Iran show how in these countries the patriarchal structure kills women, with high rates of murder and suicide due to the lack of human rights.

The women* tell why the deportation is a great danger for the women*, because when they return, they are violently punished by their families, and many of them finally commit suicide in the face of the violence, the lack of rights and the lack of opportunities.What can we do?ask the women*.A young woman* answers: We have to join forces, work together so that the deportation camp is not built.Although our families are in Iran and we feel alone in Germany, we can build our own community and defend ourselves here.

We have the right to stay here!

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