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Despite the cancellation: We continue!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

An inside look at Space2groW's train-the-trainer weekend

The team members of Space2groW Berlin and Brandenburg met from September 3rd to 5th for the annual Train-the-Trainer weekend to learn new things in different workshops and to plan the coming year. After an extended journey due to the train strike that lasted several days (full solidarity with the strikers!), almost all team members and their children arrived at the rooms of HochDrei e.V. in Potsdam. Just there, things already started, because we had a lot planned!

In the introductory session, project leaders Kadiatou Diallo and Imma Chienku presented the concept of Space2groW and drew attention to the current difficulties of the project. "We are a counseling project with political aspirations. We are partisan for women and in solidarity with all those who experience racism, sexism, poverty and other injustices," said Kadiatou Diallo. "We would need much more money, many more female team members, to be able to offer multilingual counseling in many more shelters. Instead, our project in Berlin is to be cancelled altogether. That is a scandal!", Imma Chienku explained. In Brandenburg, too, there is a lack of sufficient resources for the work of Space2groW.

[Gabi and Niki from Frauenkreise present the project history of Space2groW].

Martine Bonny gave a workshop on methodology and didactics in the first module. Here the central goals and work contents of Space2groW were worked out again: Empowerment, Antiracism, Protection against Violence, Family Planning and Reproductive Justice, Labor Market Integration.

This was followed by workshops on education by the Refugee Council Brandenburg, violence against women by BIG Hotline, family planning by profamilia and anti-racism and empowerment by iPaed - Initiative intersectional pedagogy.

[Workshop with iPäd - Initiative intersectional Pedagogy]

"Single and free as a tree and fraternal as a forest, that is our longing." These lines from the poet Nazım Hikmet and so much more we take away from this workshop weekend. Thanks to all the speakers, to Hochdrei e.V. for the rooms and to all the team members, who make Space2groW possible with their commitment and let it grow! #we do not let ourselves be deleted

If you would like to support our work financially, you can do so here. Thank you very much!

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