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Space2groW is a counselling project of Frauenkreise by and for refugee and migrant women* in Berlin in Brandenburg. The project idea was developed in 2017 by Anab Mohamud and Zeina Massad. Due to their own experiences as refugees and their voluntary counselling work in shelters, they recognised the great need for counselling services for refugee women* and created Space2groW, a multilingual and needs-oriented service. For this, the project was awarded the Integration Prize in 2018.

The counselling sessions and workshops take place where the women* are: in refugee shelters, language cafés, community centres, etc. Space2groW is an offer from the community that focuses on the special needs and barriers of refugee women*. Since the beginning, the topics of reproductive health and physical and sexual self-determination have been part of the workshops. All women* working for Space2groW are refugees or migrants.

Our services are financed by the Berlin Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality and the Brandenburg State Office for Social Affairs and Supply and are free of charge for the women*. In addition to the counselling services for women*, as an intersectional feminist project we are particularly committed to the issues of anti-racism, reproductive justice and equal access, especially to the health system. Interested organisations and institutions are welcome to contact us to arrange offers.


Here you can find our cooperation partners and networks in which we work.

The Beginnings of Space2groW





Are you in a transitional phase and finding your way in Germany?

With us, you can get counselling from women* who also have a history of migration and who can advise you with their knowledge in your mother tongue. We are talking about the most important questions such as German courses, finding a place to live, day care, training, studies, work and self-employment and everything you want to ask. At the same time, we work to ensure that you have access to physical and mental health care, regardless of your residence status. We discuss the topics of family planning, menstrual cycles and protection against violence.


We offer telephone, online and face-to-face counselling. Contact us and let us support you in a trusting atmosphere by counsellors who speak your language.


Here you can find our multilingual counselling services.



No one has to go alone to appointments with authorities or doctors.

We accompany you to your appointment and translate if necessary.


Here you will find companions who speak German, English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Dari,  Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili.



We offer empowerment workshops in a protected, familiar atmosphere, by refugee and immigrant women* for refugee and immigrant women*. The central theme here is self-determination over one's own body and life choices. The content of the workshops is based on the needs of the women* and also includes topics such as personal development, reproductive health, educational and career ambitions. All questions are welcome! The aim of these workshops is to get to know ourselves better and to make self-determined decisions in all areas of life - from career paths to family planning.


We offer our workshops in shelters, language cafés, women's circles and other places.

Contact us here if you are interested in a workshop.


Protection Against Violence

We support all women* who experience violence at the hands of their family or partner. We offer initial guidance, space for exchange, information on legal options and women's shelters.


If you are in a crisis situation and need immediate help, you can call the BIG hotline daily between 8 am and 11 pm: 030 611 03 00.

Here you can find our multilingual counselling services.


Family Planning

In our family planning workshops, you will learn about your menstrual cycle, contraceptive methods, pregnancy, birth and the health system in Germany. We create a learning space that enables women* to make informed decisions about their family planning. For us, the physical and sexual self-determination of women* is central.

Our work is based on the approach of reproductive justice. The aim is to support the self-determination of Black women* and women* of Colour in relation to reproduction. We see physical and sexual self-determination not only as a question for or against pregnancies. We include the obstacles of poverty, illegalisation, racism and police violence in our work and act in interest of the refugee and migrant women* who come to us.

Please contact the project managers if you are interested in a workshop.





Cintia Ferreira
Project Manager
Space2groW Berlin

She studied cultural studies focusing on languages, communication, and cultures in Europe. She has experience in linguistics, diversity, education, and culture.

At Space2Grow she coordinates the team and the workshops, accompaniment, and counseling services on health, family planning, and family and marriage crises with and without violence.


Cintia speaks German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Verónica Troncoso
Öffentlichkeits- und Vernetzung Space2groW

Verónica is artist and activist, positioning herself as a migrant. She holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Konstanz, Germany, Master in Fine Arts from the University of Chile.

At Space2groW, Verónica is responsible for outreach and networking, as well as support and counseling services on health, family planning, and family and marital crises with and without violence.

Verónica speaks Spanish, English and German.

Mahdiyeh Alamzadeh

Madeleine Devaud
nglish, French, German



Fariba Fazeli


Dari, Persian, German.


Alaa Almaweid
rabic, German


Shyma Kiami

Farsi, German


Rasha Abo Alhija
Arabisch und Deutsch


Elizabeth Ragwar
German, English, Swahili



Shabnam Azari

Persisch, German

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